Sent from the galaxy by route of a burning star arise a gem with unparalleled Fire and Brilliance which brings with it the promise of Forever and Endless.

Enchanted by the flares from the burning star, sculpted by the footprint of planet earth, a gem so flawless so pure in colour.

There is only one name that can describe such a gem.

Evermore Moissanite, Forever and Endless

What is Evermore Moissanite?

Moissanite, also known by its chemical name, silicon carbide (SiC), is a naturally occurring mineral found in minimal quantities or as minute particles in the earth. The rarity of natural moissanite crystals large enough for jewellery prohibits their use. For years, scientists tried to re-create this extraordinarily brilliant material. Only recently, through the power of advanced technology, has a way been developed to produce in a laboratory colourless (DEF) Evermore Moissanite.

A unique and beautiful blend of art and science.

Evermore Moissanite Colour Grading

Evermore Moissanite has adopted an alphabetical colour spectrum from D to J in order to assist in calibrating Evermore Moissanite into 3 colour spectrums namely Evermore Radiant DEF (Colourless “C” to Near Colourless “NC”), Evermore Brilliance GH (Near Colourless “NC” to Very Slightly Tinted “VST”) and Evermore Classic IJ (Very Slightly Tinted “VST” to Slightly Tinted “ST”), with Evermore Radiant DEF (Colourless “C” to Near Colourless “NC”) as the highest grading for Evermore Moissanite. As you go down the scale or spectrum, the Evermore Moissanite starts to develop a yellow or brown tint.

Evermore Moissanite Colour Grading

Evermore Radiance

Evermore Radiance Moissanite is the highest colour grade within the Evermore Moissanite colour spectrum. The stone appears colourless to the naked eye. The colour difference within this spectrum DEF is usually only visible to an expert gemmologist using master stones as a comparison. Evermore Radiance suggested for all metals, e.g. yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and palladium.

Evermore Brilliance

Evermore Brilliance Moissanites within the colour spectrum GH. The stone is near colourless “NC” to very slightly tinted “VST”. A slight colour difference only becomes perceptible when compared to Evermore Radiance Moissanite. The stone appears colourless especially once set and therefore offer excellent value for money. Evermore Brilliance recommended for all metal types (Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, Platinum and Palladium)

Evermore Classic

Evermore Classic Moissanite has a very slight tint “VST” within the colour spectrum IJ. However, once set in jewellery, these stones may appear colourless, especially in yellow gold as it is more difficult to see the slight yellow tint. Evermore Classic, recommended for yellow gold, rose gold jewellery. However, it is also suitable for other metal types.

Evermore Moissanite Clarity

Evermore Moissanite Loupe Clean

LOUPE CLEAN (LC) describes Evermore Moissanite with no internal inclusions visible using 10x magnification. The gemstone may have small abrasions that are invisible to the naked eye — also graded as VVS.

Evermore Moissanite Eye Clean

EYE CLEAN (EC) is used to describe Evermore Moissanite with minor inclusion not visible to the naked eye. This grade will also apply to an external chip or abrasions invisible to the naked eye.

Evermore Moissanite Lightly Included

LIGHTLY INCLUDED (LI) minor noticeable inclusions that are noticeable with the naked eye.

Evermore Moissanite Moderately Included

MODERATELY INCLUDED (MI) large noticeable inclusions that can be easily seen with the naked eye and have an adverse effect on appearance.

HEAVILY INCLUDED (HI) inclusions that cover the majority of the stone and have a severe effect on appearance.

E.G.L (European Gemological Laboratory) South Africa

Evermore Moissanite appointed E.G.L. (European Gemological Laboratory) South Africa, in grading each Evermore Radiance and Evermore Brilliance Moissanite, 0.5ct and greater, according to the gemological standards set out for moissanite. A Unique serial number, traceable online on the E.G.L. web interface is issued for each stone graded.

Evermore Moissanite Limited Lifetime Warranty

Each Evermore Moissanite 0.5ct and greater is engraved with its own unique serial, linked to its Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty gives you the insurance against any manufacturing defects.

In the unpleasant event of loss or theft, Evermore Moissanite will blacklist the stone in our database, preventing the new owner from registering the stone.

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