The Story of Evermore Moissanite

The company was started in 2018 when our founders realized that the current quality of Moissanite in South Africa was not up to standard. After researching Moissanite, they came to the conclusion that the actual stone was not a new concept in South Africa. Moissanite has been around for a very long time in our country, but never really took off as a commercial alternative to diamonds. 

The reason for this is due to Diamonds being the only “true” center stone of choice by most South Africans.  It wasnt until the start of the our Recession in 2018 that more and more people realized that Moissanite was actually an option. 

Today, we distribute Moissanite to over 20 Jewellers in South Africa. Evermore Moissanite also works very closely with the E.G.L. South Africa to make sure all the stones we provide has been certified. We are also the only company in South Africa to offer these services and certification. 

Company Motto

Quality over Quantity – We strive to proved only the best certified Moissanites that will stand the test of time. 

Our Promise

Evermore Moissanite will always provide only the best Moissanites in South Africa. Our Moissanite will always be sourced ethnically, and we will always provide valid and accredited information to our customers.